Modelling for crop health

Volterra, January 13-17 2014. Mathematical modelling for sustainable management of crop health. A short course.

This short course is an initiative of the INRA Metaprogram "Sustainable Management of Crop Health", in collaboration with the European Research Group ENDURE (DURable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies), the European project PURE (Pesticide Use-and-Risk Reduction in European farming systems with Integrated Pest Management), the INRA/CIRAD Integrated Pest Management network, and the INRA/ACTA Mixed Technological Network on Modelling.

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  • To present a panorama of modelling approaches and their use for sustainable plant protection. The approaches include simple statistical models, dynamic system models, agent-based models and network models. Major emphasis will be on dynamic system models;
  • To present the principles of model evaluation and model calibration, which are fundamental aspects of modelling;
  • To provide hands-on experience in going through the various stages of a modelling project, starting from a description of the problem, developing the model and obtaining numerical results. Throughout the course, the students will be given practical work that will provide elements of the project. The final day will be devoted to putting these elements together, to finalise the project;
  • To teach the R programming language, which is free and is widely used in the scientific community. The modelling project will use the R language.


PhD students or researchers who want to better understand the use of models for plant protection, either because they will be interacting with models or modellers or because they intend to develop models themselves.


There are no prerequisites; the modelling and programming involved will be taught in this course.

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